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Rebel Heart Track Listing



I'm glad the "official" track listing of the new Rebel Heart CD has been posted (I assume it's the official track listing being it appears on Madonna's official web-site, and other places such as Amazon).


I don't know about anyone else, but I did listen to all the "leaked" demo's ... Well, I think that's what I listened to ... I recently ran across a site that not only lists the 6 "authorized" songs that are available at iTunes, but in a separate category they list "Demo's" ... And 32 additional songs appear (three or four of which appear twice in alternate versions). These 32 "demo's" are of excellent quality, I might add.


Out of respect for Madonna, I am not going to say where I found these demo's ... I know I personally will not take unfair advantage of this find, as I intend to still purchase the CD when released. I can't speak for anyone else who could (theoretically) just take the demo's and be happy with those.


Anyway, the track listing advertising 19 songs that will be on the CD, from what I understand, are the "Deluxe Version". There (supposedly) will also be a standard version offering 14 songs ... I think those two facts have been out there in various places for a while now.


However, I read somewhere where there will also be a "Super Deluxe Boxed" version containing even more songs ... I surely hope this rumor is true because the official track listing of 19 songs is missing quite a few truly amazing songs (based on those demo's I ran across).


I can honestly say, the 19 songs on the track listing are all amazing! Well, I lie, there is one I could personally do without (I won't say which one though) ... But one I don't particularly care for out of 19 are pretty good odds, I'd say. The sad thing is there are several others NOT appearing on the track listing, and a few of those others, in my opinion, are even better than most of what is on the list.


I hope to see the following on this "Super Box Set" (PLEASE MADONNA):


Borrowed Time - Great song

Addicted (The One That Got Away) - Great song

Beautiful Scars - My absolute favorite of all I've heard - One Madonna's best ever!

Never Let You Go - My second absolute favorite of all I've heard

Two Steps Behind Me - Rumors abound about who this is about, but it's still great upbeat song

Tragic Girl - Great ballad - If you've ever loved the wrong person, you'd relate to this one


Those six songs are just as good as, and many much better than anything on the track list !!!


Other good songs that don't appear:



Nothing Lasts Forever

Graffiti Heart


Back that Up (Do It)

God Is Love

Ariosa - This one may be a leftover from Ray of Light recordings


Anyway, I sure hope we see most of these on this boxed version that is supposedly going to come out ... And I sure hope it does!


Madonna truly out did herself during the recording of Rebel Heart. There is just so much great material she's written for this record. I would hate to see any of it become lost to the public and her fans.


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