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Rebel Heart CD



I'm looking forward to the release of Madonna's new CD, Rebel Heart. I read somewhere that there will be a boxed version of the new CD with extra songs. I'll be buying that !!


I've been a fan of Madonna since the beginning. Although, I must admit, when her first two albums came out I figured she was just another of the many "teeny bopper" idols of the time, and really didn't think too much of her (although I did purchase Like A Virgin, and afterwards the Madonna CD). It wasn't until Like A Prayer came out that I began to take her seriously as a singer/songwriter, and began to realize she was NOT among the typical teeny bopper idols that pop up generationally, but that Madonna was a true artist and songwriter.


I'm not a big groupie at all. It's Madonna's music that attracts me to her. I could care less about her life, or lifestyle or any of that ... It's all about the music for me. I think she's an amazing songwriter. Through all these decades she still manages to come out with music that people of all ages enjoy. From those of her own generation. to the younger teens of today. How she manages it, I don't know. She's been so underrated as a songwriter. It's a shame because she truly is one of the best. She's meticulously involved with every detail of her music ... And this is what I admire about her. She puts the final stamp on everything with her name on it. So what you get, you know Madonna is 100% behind the creation of the final product.


I personally think Madonna is a bit of a genius. There are only a few songs of hers that I could do without, but I doubt there is any artist whoever lived where anyone can honestly say they loved absolutely everything the person put out.


Anyway ... Thank you Madonna for bringing us so much beautiful music. Rebel Heart is probably, for me anyway, the most anxiously anticipated album I can ever recall waiting for!!!!


March 10th get here already!

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