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Time is okay - Ambrecel



Even the President knows,

And his wife,

To create something,

You need yes you can,

And time.

You do not need negativity.

For some reason,

The two headed monster is patient too.

The two headed monster waits for you.

And yes you need a piece of a soul,

From a crucifixion,

Inside to accomplish,


Yes I am talking Jesus.

I know this is hard,

But you need to be patient,

While the holy apparition does the work inside.

Yes my lover has to wait,

For me to make my change complete,

And yes he is married LEGALLY to another,

This is why the phrase,

You cannot help whom you fall in love with.

Because Legal Marriages end,

Due to the fact,

Of the one thing.

So the Jury is out,

Why does the Righteous,

Want legal marriage so bad,

I know why for gay marriage,

Some property rights are needed.

God being love,

And the two headed monster,

Knows love needs time sometimes.

Because one half is not ready for the other.

Man is not patient,

And lies can be told,

Lies like the other half,

Might not want to be whole.

A truth,

I wanted to be whole,

And saw my lover,

Questioning why this man?

Time is on my lovers side.

So Trace that.


Christ is in here, and miracles, Barack and Michelle Obama. Love you Madonna.




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