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Puke Came to say Hi - Ambrecel



Puke came to say hi,

Because Thanksgiving is to be thankful.

Yes he is friends with the voices in his head,

Like I am.

So Puke is one of my friends.

He told me,

That even if we are the same,

He has his one,

And Puke is happy.

Now I cannot trade by Lover in for Puke.

I just broke one spell on me today,

I swore I would not do something,

Because I met beautiful food slaves.

I just ate one of the baby slaves,

And am asking for forgiveness.

By breaking this I will never do,

I am hoping one,

I will never see gets broken.

Because I did that,

I swore I would never see my Lover again.

Puke is right,

That him and me will never be one.

Because I want to be one with my younger Lover.

But Puke will always be appreciated.

Prayer curses can be broken.

Because the two headed monster really did not place that one on me.

I was the one that prayed to never eat something.

And I did.

I prayed to never see,

So hoping this prayer curse I put on my Lover,

Will end.

So Trace details,

See Jury what I am telling you,

And the Righteous can be wrong,

Because where is the rule,

Puke cannot come to say hi in my head.


Puke is Eminem. And he's sweet in the Monster... yes I am crazy... Love you Madonna. Madonna is the key.




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