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“WANNABE VOODOO ICONS” (W.V.I.) Original Theory



I would like to invite everyone who is really "real" to start discussing my “W.V.I.” theory and enriching it through sharing the ideas and opinions about this issue.

Here is a brief description which you also can find published on my profile thus if you want to know much more about it,please,just ask me (!?).


The abbreviator “W.V.I.” is typically pronounced as “DoubleYouViay” and in Belorussian West Slavic mythology “Viay” or “Viy” is a name underworld personage who has a magic ability “to kill at a glance”.


“W.V.I.” is the experimental theory about the negative influence of the thought-forms generated spontaneously or purposely by the people (“wannabe”) who imitate other person (normally the celebrity, “icon”) to explain “Voodoo doll- Zombie Strings” phenomena, also might be recognized as "pseudo- magical emanation" or “pseudo-Tulpa”, causing the "iconized" person's life to be temporarily or permanently changed for "worse" and, in some cases, possibly leading to the celebrity's death because of some accident or undiagnosed/misdiagnosed disease.


The wannabe imitated person (“celebrity”) could be easily diagnosed for symptom of Voodoo doll- Zombie Strings Phenomena negative influence as soon as he or she suddenly starts experiencing so called “unusual never seen before fright-dreams” and/or repeated nightmares and sleep-terror.


“W.V.I.” includes:


- The concept of brain hemispheres harmonization and synchronization processes caused by the effect of visual perception ultra-high frequency waves and pseudo-binaural sounds;


- The individually designed dream visualization trainings addressed to help “iconized" person to avoid and block the negative influence of “Voodoo doll- Zombie Strings” phenomena.

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There are always impersonators out there...This is sad...How many Elvis impersonatos?....And if there are Madonna impersonators, this is super discusting as there's only one true Madonna...Our Queen of the entertainment world..

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