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“WANNABE VOODOO ICONS” (W.V.I.): https://www.facebook.com/dimanasus.prophecy.project










-the theory of the negative influence of the thought-forms generated spontaneously or purposely (deliberately) by the people called “wannabe” who imitate other person such is normally some celebrity, the “icon”, to explain “Voodoo doll- Zombie Strings” phenomena, also might be recognized as "magical emanation" or “Tulpa”, causing the iconized persons’ lives to be temporarily or permanently changed for worse and in some cases possibly even leading to their death caused by some accident or undiagnosed (misdiagnosed) disease.


The abbreviator “W.V.I.” is typically pronounced as “DoubleYouViay” and in Belarusian West Slavic mythology “Viay” or “Viy” is a name underworld personage who has a magic ability “to kill at a glance”.


The wannabe imitated person like a “celebrity” for example, could be easily diagnosed for symptom of Voodoo doll- Zombie Strings Phenomena negative influence as soon as he or she suddenly starts experiencing so called “unusual-never-seen-before-fright-dreams” as well as constantly repeated nightmares and sleep-terror along with light heart-ache during the sleeping.


The WVI theory includes the digested and overview issues of dream telepathy, clairvoyance, psycho kinesis, psychic self-healing, paranormal phenomena of exploring the hidden infrastructure of reality in the dreams, sleep research, recurring dreams of specific age groups, crisis markers in dreams, life purpose dreams, relationship themes, spiritual and psychic awakening, visitation dreams and nightmares, developing an intuition, the bio-energy therapy, self-healing hypnotherapy and psycho-spiritual trainings.


The WVI theory is based on and consists of:


a) The concept of brain hemispheres harmonization and synchronization processes caused by the effect of visual perception ultra-high frequency waves and pseudo-binaural sounds.


B) The individually designed dream visualization trainings addressed to help “wannabe iconized person” to avoid and block the negative influence of “Voodoo doll- Zombie Strings” phenomena.


c) The concept of brain artifact phenomena called “mental-mimicry” which is recognized as anti-stress adaptation related to mental-camouflage leading to gaining and imitating similarities with the “iconized” person in appearance, behavior and etc.; and which in the case of different individuals imitating the same iconized person as a model might be called “polymorphic-monad-mimicry”.


d) Neo-Astrological calculated predictions concept: the conceptual theory of composing horoscope-like astrological chart-predictions (individualized prophecies) mainly oriented onto “wannabe”-iconized, world-famous and easy-recognizable individuals.


Some more interesting stuff to read & see at:



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