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Madonna_Happy birthday



Hello our queen for 55 years, this message is especial for you, why???


Because today 55 years ago the sky was losing the star more bright, more wonderful, more happy, more loving, more human, more caring, more wonderful, more queen of the sky for the world, but with a certain this star will be shine so much more in the Earth.

The stars said for you: My queen baby, in the world there are many bad things and They need to be change. This is your mission and how you are the queen you could change.

In the Earth there are so many bad people, these people are so greedy, so prejudiced, so intolerant, but there are good people. In your life you will meet these good people, but unfortunately you will meet these bad people too, but you don’t need to worry. You can overcome all situations and these bad people. Why??? Because You are the queen and You always will be the queen.

So the stars said: Go star, Go queen, Go shine in the world.

So you were born in the 55 years ago. When you were a kid You already showed your strong personality, your victories. You overcame so many difficult... This strong personality was continuing in your adolescence. Why were these??? Because the star was shining, with objectives: Changing the world, changing the bad people, improving the world, changing the wrong thoughts, showing your personality, showing your opinions, showing your determinations…after all You are the queen, you are the star that came to the world for shining.

So this star, this queen was continuing shining with your determinations, with your thoughts and nobody will be stop the queen in search of your dream. In short of this You, Madge started you’re an excellent artist career with the first success single “Everybody”…this was a signal, your career was shining how today that, it continues to shine.

Thereafter, you started to produce many singles, films, books, tours such all wonderful and showing your opnion, changing the world and do/made the people become better and the world become better.

So Madge, this you are this star, that You teach me many things, that the most important in our life is the respect with others, the search our dreams and be more human. Thanks Madge!!


Happy Birthday!!! So many health, happiness, success and bright days!!! I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!

Kisses and Hugs of a Brazilian fan.


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Hi Madonna, I'm glad you became our Queen since 30+ years and I hope you to be our Queen for all years to come, for all Eternity if that be possible...Not only as an entertainer, but you're a great human being..

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