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Madonna the first album



Hello ICONers,



A thirty years ago 1983, July, 27th the first of album was being to sell in all stores of the world.





This album was the start of so many others albums and successful albums.


In many news that I found that the success of this album was so big that Madge sold 7 millions of


copy in that age, and today the sell of this album is bigger than 10 millions.


With this Album Madge won the hearts of all people, She won the world.


So Madge, I wish for you many success and congratulations for your excellent career.



One of her first presentation:




The official video:



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I've always said and i will always repeat it, the first album is a true masterpiece unjustly forgotten especially by her fans...when i hear it is goose bumps

Yeah, many people forget of this album, but it is magnific

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I remember that album...All these years have gone by...Still fresh in my memory.....So great is Madonna....So greatfully, I enjoy her work..

Great Antara!!! The first album We can't forget, because It was the start of everything and all career of our queen.

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Love love love this album still, 30 years later!! I love all the tracks but my favs are I know it, Physical Attraction and Think of me.

Thanks for You have posted!!! 

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