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Madonna is The best .... South America



Hello iconers in this site (http://www.madonnago.com.br/noticias) and many sites the notice of Madonna is that She is the artist more profitable for Live Nation, who said this was the president of the Live Nation.






Congratulation Madonna!!!!! This do of a fan if feeling very proud for you and happy for you.


The president said:


"Seems that I already said this many times, but this is exactly: The success of MDNA tour confirms one more time that MADONNA is the more succesful artist of our team. Her shows are the best already produced and her power to take many people, her commitment to bring the best for her public, and this We can see for her carrer, do her the number 1 artist of the planet, and with the MDNA tour, this wasn't different- This tour was the most succesful of the last year. But I have to thank millions fans that they did her show too. Thanks, Madonna and her manager, Guy Oseary and all team of Mdna."


Madonna said when she made the contract with the Live nation:


" The paradigm about business of the music changed and, with an artist and woman, my carrer, the way how my music can come for my fans is unlimited. I never want to think in limitations and, with this new partnership, the possibilities will be unlimited. Who knows how my albuns will be distributed in the future? This is the part more exciting this negotiation-everything is possible. The live nation give me a society and real patnership and, after 25 years in business, I think I deserve this."


The other part of this notice is for the South American especially, but for all fans too, the news said:


" ..the contract of Madonna with the Live Nation is valid until 2017 and it's possible more tours until there. The live Nation conclude a partnership until 2015 with the TME FOR FUN, responsible for South American Shows"


With this notice the possibility of Madonna will do shows in 2014 is probable, including the South American :D, this is what I wait...





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xpdri...thank you for posting....Madonna, you are right; Live Nation, you Mr. Oseary, Johann and others have a world wide grip on the entertainment and fan club world....Go Madonna, as only you can...I can sense your inspiration...Hi Madonna, I can never forget you in Evita; a tremendous voice and skillfully coordinated actress...I can go on and on, M...I love you as the world's greatest entertainer and person...

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I went to both Medellín shows VIP package and I had the opportunity of being in the Golden Triangle for the second. Although to the first I was also in the front row outside the triangle, both shows were THE BEST i have seen in my entire life. She even snag holiday for the second under the rain but it did not seem to matter for her. The show went on as it was planned so I must admit I respect her even more now. BEST PERFORMER EVER. And I have seen quite a few. But she tops them all.



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