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Hi, Madonna, I hope you read this. I'm a religious Israeli and I just wanted to say that I love your songs. My favorites are:

Your version of American Pie

Hung Up

Ray of Light

Turn Up the Radio

Forbidden Love

Beautiful Stranger


Give it 2 Me

Dear Jessie


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I Love all the music of Madonna, but the I listen every day are: Hung up, Girl Gone Wild, She's not me, Masterpiece, Like a Prayer, Gang Bang, I don't give a, Erotica and Like a Virgin...

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And one last thing, M.......I saw how much energy you used in the singing of Don't Cry For Me, Argentina....You have so many songs; you may forget this, but I don't....I watched Evita.....

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Borderline, Into the groove, papa don't preach, live to tell, like a prayer, til death to us part, promise to try, love tried to welcome me, runaway lover, sky fits heaven, she's not me , heartbeat,hung up...to many to list

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I ve been Madonna's fan since 1998 when i was 15 y.o. I live in this world with her song. Happy moments or bad days...... Madonna's songs help to me everytime and everywhere. My favorite songs is:

1. Forbidden Love (COADF)

2. Notning really matters

3. Secret

4. Isaac

5. Love profusion

6. Deserve it

7. Paradise

8. Miles away

9. and of course LOVE SPENT

cause this song its about me and me ex-love who cared only about money...


i love you M

hope to see you again in Abu Dhabi

and I love jewish,,, Oops )) thats true

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