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Mental Ilness and just what is reality?



Does mental illness scare you and what are your thoughts of what reality is?

I have empathy for the mentally ill. Yet I guess, if a mentally ill person was threatening me with violence I would be scared. I have what psychologists call Bipolar 1 which is just a fancy name for manic depression and I know that it is a stigma to have this illness in any society or culture. The only way I can explain manic depression; is first off I would have to start with the mania cycle. When I don’t take my medication for a period of several months I tend to swing toward a very severe high. It’s what I think someone on cocaine feels like; yet my brain eventually turns into an acid trip with severe delusions. Too explain the depressed side of Bipolar 1; it usually happens for me, when I get hospitalized and doped up with medication. The feeling is like riding a roller coaster and then I guess getting thrown in jail for a DUI, yet suicidal thoughts can follow while in the downward spiral.

My other question to you is, do you think every person has some slight form of mental illness? Because, don’t we all run the full gambit of emotions that come across us in our daily lives and have you not acted out in sick way at least once in your life? Would that constitute that you were ill for acting in a strange manner that’s not accepted as a norm compared to how most people would handle that same situation; or are we individuals with our own realities. When everyone has a basis or a consensus for what reality is from a mental perspective based on an individuals perception at a certain time; a mentally ill person while in their episode can see opposite of that so called reality. And is it possible that there is a universal framework of what perception of reality is, where we can all agree upon this paradigm. If we all perceive concepts differently, but we do agree upon some universal truths; and if our behavior on how we react to concepts and these truths is viewed negatively or positively as perceived by someone else then what is reality? I would have say madness can be seen in everyone alive at moments of a time from anyone’s perspective.

And the reality in this world really is madness; because, I perceive people in the world are sick by just looking at what’s going on based on the behavior by some if not all of us in how we react or act in this world! Therefore the stigma of mental illness points to every individual alive based on perceptions of others. 


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