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Americans vs. Americans the bloody



Americans vs. Americans the bloody war that’s coming to our streets

The war has been waged on the mind through the TV Since its inception. Some Americans are brainwashed into supporting consumerism, political agendas, snake oil economics, real estate values, interest rates, taxes, a totally unaccountable government and stock market values. In essences this materialism has completely ravished the spirit of some people living in America. The blind leading the blind into a dark abyss of disharmony; so ask yourself and be true, should I not be happy and don’t I deserve to be happy? The obvious reasons we are not happy are, because of the burdens which are deep seated in our brains. America is a mad science project, up on high wire, minus a net; within a three ring circus multitasking about am I ok. Forget about yourself for one flipping second and think about the burn victim in Iraq, or Madoff sitting in jail, or Obama smoking a cigarette while Rockefeller sends him a box of cigars. Now why did you just think, because I wrote that and your brain connected with that thought whether for negative or positive I would wonder? Did you have empathy, anger or both? Did I brain wash you. You know the pen is mightier than the sword and keyboard is even greater than the pen. Where is the war for the mind taking us; it’s either putting most Americans a sleep or it’s splitting us into disunity which favors a New World Order Agenda.

Divide and conquer is the Machiavellian method being used against us Americans in this high techno modern day enterprise piece of work called America; and Rothschild is up to his head in it with his best friend who I don’t need to mention. Don’t you just love CNN, come on now, sit there and watch all the commercials and then get your free T-shirt from Anderson Coopers Rupert Murdock or whatever Illuminati sponsored physiological warfare for your  mind mumbo jumbo. Do you not dream of pulling the trigger? Well that day maybe close at hand! I’m not a proponent for violence, but when FEMA comes knocking and Sais hop on this bus, because the New World Order is afraid of you; what are you going to do? We all know the sociopaths and there brain washed martial law gun toting New World Order police are coming for us. If we can’t vote them out and the New World Order wants possession of America well quite frankly they’re going to a have a massive fight on their hands. And the real Americans will press them all the way back to the shores of Europe; and we will not yield, we shall raise our fists of glory too their defeat. We will take this country back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








































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