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Express Yourself, Don't Repress Yourself!



We took 790 pictures of me being a Madonna fan in 3 hours. How does that sound?! Great, but I have no idea of how does the photographs look like nor how the photographer is going to realize this project. I'm excited about how is he going to edit the images, too. I guess it will take a few months to complete the project. It's funny how my part took only three hours and now, after the photographing session, we can say the project has started. The editing and choosing the right pics will be the hardest part I think. I had great time photographing the issue! I think the people who passed by during the shooting thought I looked like a little slut which made me laugh even more.

I'm finishing the Madonna cover album for Christmas. The cd will include some 15 tracks. I think that is quite a lot of songs!

I took part to a Madonna competition in Madonna Icon Fanclub. It was about writing an essay on five Madonna songs which have influenced you most. The songs had to be chosen on the Celebration hit collection. It would be just amazing if the Madonna Icon crew picked my essay to be published on the next Madonna Icon magazine... It would be again one dream come true! Can you imagine all the craziest M fans reading your essay all over the world on the official M magazine? I can't even think about that... Not to even mention if Madonna would read it... Oh gosh! Ok so my essay goes like this:

When I first heard that we are going to have an Idols competition in my school, I knew that this would be my chance to shake the school’s old-fashioned boundaries. I decided I would perform Like A Virgin the way that Madonna does. My music teacher wondered why I did not move my body at all during the rehearsals in which I replied ”Don’t worry, I will release my inner Madonna on the stage”. She encouraged me not to care about the audience, which I guess you know I did. I was new in the school so I did not have any friends. I was all alone, but Madonna made me feel like I had nothing to lose. I got on the stage in a Like A Virgin-dress and hair. There I was lying, ripping my dress and groaning on the floor. I still do not feel ashamed about it. I just remember how someone later told me that she had heard someone in the audience saying, ”Oh my god, she is hot!” I was not a self-confident fourteen-year-old girl; I was (still am!) a little girl who really loved Madonna and the way She expresses Herself.

The second song I performed in the Idols competition was Frozen. I was wearing a black dress I had made myself. I do not think the dress looked like a joke, because I was quite gifted in handicrafts. Frozen was the first Madonna song I remember listening to continuously. During the Frozen performance I was moving my hands like Madonna does in the music video. At that moment I felt a little stupid, because all I could remember about the choreography was Madonna moving her hands like that. In the middle of the show I collapsed on the floor and peeped the audience through my long hair. I believe that must have looked funny, but surprisingly I did not see anyone giggling. Since that I have had a status of a Madonna freak in that school.

When I first watched the Hung Up music video, I knew that I had to look the same as M does. I bought long boots, new jeans, a glittery belt and a green top. I walked on the streets of Helsinki and listened to Hung Up so proudly that I believe people must have been thinking, ”Who the hell does she think she is?” Again, I got a lot of self-confidence through M. I think it is so bizarre how Madonna motivates and gives energy to millions of people. My theory is that some people get happy by making good food, some people feel great by listening to/ buying / experiencing Madonna. Madonna makes me happy in more ways than one. I have seen Hung Up live twice. Both times I was about to explode, because it is my favorite Madonna song. The lyrics are meaningful, especially “Time goes by so slowly for those who wait, Those who run seem to have all the fun”. That sentence is my motto, because I hate people who do not dare to live their dreams or express themselves. People would be more interesting if they dared to say what they like and did what they feel. It’s impressive how Madonna wrote the lyrics to Hung Up in 5-10 minutes.

How come Madonna wrote Miles Away exactly when my boyfriend was spending a gap year in New Zealand, 30 000km away from me? That felt supernatural. I felt as if I had a spiritual connection with Madonna. Nevertheless, I do not agree with the lyrics that we are at our best when we are miles away. I am the best with Madonna and my boyfriend when we are as close as possible :) On the other hand, I understand that Madonna’s relationship status was a bit more different than mine.

Something funny happened on the day the Celebration hit collection was published in Finland. I went to the department store called Stockmann and if you bought the cd , you could also receive the Celebration poster. As I had ordered my copy from Amazon, I didn't want to buy it at Stockmann just to get the poster. I gave the salesman a self-confident gaze and opened my mouth. I told him that on that day I really didn’t have the strength to tell him why in fact I should have the poster for free, but I could reassure that I am the maddest Madonna fan he has ever met. After discussing for 5min why should I get the poster he gave the poster saying, "Let's keep it a secret". I was so excited! The salesman made my day. Not only because he gave the poster, but he also promised to give me the Celebration t-shirt he was wearing. Unbelievable! I proved to myself that I could have as much silent, dumbfounding power as Madonna has in her daily life if I really tried. I could get people get rid off their clothes for my addiction, how cool is that!? After all this self-confidence Madonna has given me, it has been nothing else but a CELEBRATION!

Thanks to my English teacher who kindly corrected my bad grammar! :D


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