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If you don't like my attitude, then you can f*ck off.



I bought high, black boots. They look just like the ones that Madonna wore on Hung Up music video, Sticky&Sweet-, Re-Invention - and Confessions Tour. The boots can look sluttish or stylish. That is to say, I may look like a ***CENSORED*** or a stylish young lady. To me Madonna has never looked like a slut when she was wearing the boots. Today, I was standing on a bus stop. There were a few grandmas. Some of them stared me longer than usual. Some middle-aged ladies gazed me as well. I was wondering what they were thinking about. Did they see me as a whore or a piece of modern art? I have no idea. I gently smiled at them.

I wonder why people feel so intimidated and frightened when talking about sex. Is sex inferior to them? I bet they enjoy sex as much as 
normal peopledo, or if they don't, they must have some mental problems (a different lifestyle or such) with it. I don't understand why these less sexual people judge Madonna's provocative attitude. Sex is as universal as music. We all do it. We all have sex, we all enjoy music as well.

I'm very keen on a Finnish comic called Fingerpori. I have never really liked any comic book, but this one really makes me laugh. Fingerpori's humor comes from sex, Finnish weird language and everyday life jokes. Pervert jokes for short. A reader's feedback says "This is so INFERIOR!". If we think about the feedback, the reader must consider all the Fingerpori's fans as uncivilized people. I consider the feedback giver as a boring (funny, too) person. Madonna's performances and presence are often considered unrespectful and mediocre. Does that make me a person who has a bad taste? Or the other way around, does the comment make the feedback giver a dull person? People judge each other for everything, because we are all different. It's just staggering how there are a few things that strongly relates us, but then again, makes us angry and scared (music, sex, religion). Like I have said, we all live the same religion. We all have same sex - it just varies a little, because some like it some other way.

Addiction is healthy.


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