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Never know how much I love you.



I got out of the buying-Madonna-stuff-without-a-break feeling/thing! Now I'm having a comfortable pause and concentrating on other things. I still record M covers and follow daily news, but right now there is something more interesting than dedicating my whole time to M: Lady GaGa. Her attitude and look is so close to M that I don't feel sad about giving some extra attention to GaGa. I know this will be again another one month romance that will wash away... I may have some "one night stands", but Madonna never looses her status.

Every time M launches a new single, tour or book, I feel little distressed, because I know I have to go and buy it. I have to have a Madonna money account, isn't that just weird? Some money put aside for the woman who has a fortune estimated over 400 million dollars. Let's take the picture discs (vinyl's and LP's): my first picture disc was 4 Minutes. I bought a LP player to play those recordings and noticed that the quality of the picture discs just sucks. Madonna sounds more man-like than usually and the song does not play perfectly. I admit that the discs look great, but if that is all, do I really have to support them? I have now 4-5 picture discs and none of them play without a problem. Has someone noticed this problem too?

I live in a love and hate relationship with Madonna competitions. I have taken part to many of them and had this particular problem two times - the problem of not reading the rules well enough. I have failed two times and those regretful times have always been big: winning tickets to Paris to see her and winning a Celebration ultra rare box set (worth approximately 3000 dollars). I won the Paris competition 
twice, but did not get the chance to join the trip as I was underage (it was written on the rules with a tiny front, how very kind). On the Celebration competition I didn't read the following sentence: give your answer after the "toot"-voice. I wish I could learn the lesson now, because I don't need to experience this feeling anymore.

I just read the new Rolling Stones which has Madonna on its cover. The interviewer Austin Scaggs asks if the Material Girl feels materialistic. Madonnas chosen words are: "I'm resourceful, and if I ended up in a log cabin in the middle of the forest, that would work too. These things are not mandatory for my happiness". I believe that Madonna would not honestly be able to live in a forest in a random cottage. I mean... has she ever even tried to live that kind of life after moving to NYC for the first time? I like the idea of Maddy being happy without the Frida paintings and luxurious houses around the world, but would it really be possible? Her religion teaches her to think that way and I really like the message, but let's face it: she is the most famous woman in the world etc... Does this "I could live in a forest" sound at all unrealistic in your ear?


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