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Black Dragon of La Jolla, San Diego




The Black Dragon of La Jolla, San Diego

As dark as obsidian and cruel as evil itself, a Black Dragon sleeps beneath La Jolla.  From ages past where time is nothing and magic everything; where man cowered by its sight, because it’s red eyes where lasers with a deadly light.  The Black Dragon sleeps at depth of 1.5 kilometers straight below Mt. Soledad deep within the caverns of La Jolla, San Diego.  This 70 meter dragon is named Hartattaken and he is a winged dragon, but due to being fed so often it’s too heavy to fly.  I dedicate this essay, to the lost souls whose faces were printed on milk cartons, because some of you were sacrificed to this beast by a corrupt lot.


The Black Dragon has had many former names from the past, but he now goes by the name Hartattaken.  This dragon is a slayer of everything and anything in site, because it harbors a huge resentment to all living creatures including plants.  You see long ago this dragon was a Throne angel in Heaven yet he was seduced by Satan to go against God.  When war broke out in Heaven Hartattaken fell with the other angels and became a Demon within a Dragons body.  His soul mate that is Leviathan also fell and she is chained up deep within the Marianas Trench.


Hartattaken’s weapon system and characteristics; this once sleek dragon which weighed 50 tons now weighs 200 tons, he is currently in a depression since realizing he can’t reach Leviathan.  Hartattaken cannot live in water and hates it; however he can fly through space and so can Leviathan.  The Black Dragon’s wing span is approximately 90 meters and Hartattaken’s speed was known to be about Mach 7 handed down by the ancients.  Furthermore Hartattaken has some sort of a cloaking system with laser beam eyes and a fire shooting mouth and snout.  As well with his armaments he is connected to the World Wide Web and he has access to all the world governments’ agendas and plans.  Hartattaken has obtained a treasury of many artifacts, art work and treasurers from around the world.  I know his weakness which is a secret.


I say the human race cuts a deal with Hartattaken.  This deal would be that he eliminates all Reptilians and Greys.  If he accomplishes this along with flying away to a Gaia planet with only animals living on it; we as humans will release Leviathan from the depths of the Marianas Trench.





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