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Jewel Spirit Mate of Mine



Soul mate of Mine


Our spirits are supernovas of love

God music and nature form its core

We flow through time like doves

A tree of knowledge is our horror


Our heavenly father knows you’re like a songbird second to none

In my thoughts you are a river, which flows in my arteries of mud

We failed utopia you and I

Christ our debt to you is high


You are rolling hills and deep valleys

Your mind is a sea of endless tides

Your heart is a flame that no galaxy can tame

Our noses are the same


Your musky scent I know

Your image haunts me so

Its  you I could not let go

Now the world suffers in row


I know your tummy

The light on you in a kitchen

You sleep deep

You float between worlds







You think best in a garden

The vegetables are surreal in your hands

You’re a living melody

A lady, which stabs my heart completely


Don’t forget our duty

Give Christ the glory

Guide souls to the lord

When we embrace its our story


Azure sky

Crimson cloud

Vapor daisy

Limbs of oak


My dark wing

Disguised as light

Which is aurora

No rest for me cause I’m in constant flight


Iridescent spiral

What can I do?

Except grow old

Without you


Your first from my soul

Your first from my bones

You the first woman

Fill my void with words

            Cause I’m without you and I’m alone

 Jewel Eve Horse.jpg


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