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Life Returns Christ



The sightless witness miracles

Words rebound off healthy ears

Too see the truth and stay blind

As words were not enough

For some only see entertainment

As a substitute for

What is real?

Be brave I say

Turn away

From the heart strings

That the common world

Wish to follow

The wicked constantly flee from the truth

Judgment awaits


Oh yea of little faith

Remember my service

One such gift

Shined from the father

Lazarus was lifeless

His body motionless for 3 days

My ministry included power

Over this world

This light guided the spirit

And resurrected it

Compassion its root

The father its source

When I heard

I had already known

Yet the town was overwhelmed

With sorrow

The world needed proof

Up the dusty rode I walked

And doubt was in their hearts

For they wondered why I stayed away

And not come sooner to my friend

A greater purpose was here


The tomb was lifeless

That would change

As I am the life and resurrection

I prepared the body

Hydrated the body

Regenerated the cells

Infused the spirit

In concert in the time of a Pico second

Sparked the heart

Breathed life back into the lungs

And asked Lazarus to arise


I have conquered the world

As I take away sin

For you

And give up this lantern

My Light shines greater

I ask you to praise God

Do onto others as you would do to thy self

These virtues of kindness to one another


Exit the claws of Lucifer

Behold the light

Believe in I Christ your savior







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