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Suspended serenely aye inspiring trust
Adventuring into the mystery
A source of visions where guidance
Overflows of truths security
Luminous clouds parting mist
Washing, energizing, encouraging 
Virtuous Endeavors 
With positive reinforced dreams
Of his church

The Joy gave forth breath taken vistas
Melodies soothing harp
Choir light candle sound
The comfort of knowing hope
Is all around

Smiles positively affirm 
Chaste Occupation 
When chosen 
To these Engagements of mental Faculties 
Towards the pursuit
Of the ideal note, painting, lyric, chord, octave, sporting talent

Far beyond to the other side
Emerald meadows and soft light
Angels abound
Sharing always its cornerstone
Smiling host offering sleep to ones utmost

Kindness safety the spirits of selflessness
Usher you bliss
Elucidating your companion
That you miss

Praise the glory of the father
His mighty throne
Lightening through out its seat
God’s power 
Virtue truth compassion 
It is known
We praise god

Jesus I found
Friendly greetings
Happy discourse

As I continued on
Saints angels 
Entered conversation with his grace
Than with Light speed 
Off To their duties

In heaven
We are one
United by god
Jesus his glory
Secures his people
Thus delivering cloud nine

A Tree of life
The fruit of thine provision
Thy nectars healing properties
Levitating above the crystal Stream 
The blossoms of spring
Drifting down over precious Stones 
Its scent a rose essence
This tree of life by god’s grace
I set down
To taste it




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