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Now I know why there is no upgrades for classic members.

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Extreme Restricted access to this site.

I feel so restricted on this site.  I’m literally talking to myself. Lol  I feel that I can’t do anything cool. It sucks. Disappointing such a let down. I feel this site could be so much better than it is. Madonna fans especially now waiting for the USA tour dates for a really long time, should have a better site. One where everyone is  welcome to be whatever membership level they want like the old days here. It’s the least they could do with concert tickets so expensive  you should be whatever

No membership upgrades

I was thinking why icon would not let madonna’s  own fans upgrade their accounts from classic to gold, or legacy.  I think it’s because they have nothing to offer. Even when you create an account it lists all these perks but classic members which you would be if you just signed up, classic members don’t get to use the forums, or the message boards, or pre sale code for tickets. At least gold members get their forums from mdna, rebel heart tours.  There are never any contests anymore, no fan club
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