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Extreme Restricted access to this site.



I feel so restricted on this site.  I’m literally talking to myself. Lol  I feel that I can’t do anything cool. It sucks. Disappointing such a let down. I feel this site could be so much better than it is. Madonna fans especially now waiting for the USA tour dates for a really long time, should have a better site. One where everyone is  welcome to be whatever membership level they want like the old days here. It’s the least they could do with concert tickets so expensive  you should be whatever level you want to be. It’s quite sad to see this site go from really cool to vary limited on what you can do.  That’s why I don’t spend a-lot of time here because what do you do? All the cool stuff is for gold, legacy members. It’s hardly ever updated  I almost never get any emails from them because nothings going on here. It seems that ever since live nation took over it’s been that way. Maybe not  tho. Not a lot of effort is put in I think not here, it’s like they don’t want to hear any suggestions or questions, comments. Madonnas loyal fans deserve and need better. More content just think of something anything! Any idea or improvement would be nice and there is room for improvements. When I log in the community section I get a black page, really? Nothing to offer, a blank page!  Lol I’ve never saw anything like it before on a fan club page , a page with nothing on it, but when I log out I see all the forums topics that I have no access to. Weird I get more when I’m logged out shows how much classic members don’t get. Live nation do a better job with your fan sites!  It kinda sucks. Boring 

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I completely agree!  This login of mine to this forum is from the Icon Fan club membership, and back then I bought a package to the Drowned World Tour.  That was my first show, I’m a 1980 baby.  

These days the only Madonna group with positivity is on Reddit. Otherwise I find myself in Instagram comments telling people to stop talking shit about our queen.  And then on Facebook I’ve joined a few groups just to see what they are.  One the group creator posts a lot of pics.  Another group posts pics and says it’s Madonna tell me if you love me.  It’s wack! 

Back in the day Johan was this forums admin, is he no longer onboard?? 

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