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No membership upgrades



I was thinking why icon would not let madonna’s  own fans upgrade their accounts from classic to gold, or legacy.  I think it’s because they have nothing to offer. Even when you create an account it lists all these perks but classic members which you would be if you just signed up, classic members don’t get to use the forums, or the message boards, or pre sale code for tickets. At least gold members get their forums from mdna, rebel heart tours.  There are never any contests anymore, no fan club only offers anymore. When you sign up it also says full access to Madonna.com  content which classic members definitely don’t have.  It says share your memorabilia with fellow icon  users but classic members simply can’t use the forums to share memorabilia with other users. And the newsletter which I never get. So when all is said and done you have the 10% discount code which I use a lot. That’s it for classic members, I emailed Madonna.com and they said that I get the same perks as other members, ya classic members. Which is nothing. I wish icon did more for Madonna fans, like pre sales for all members. Or open the forums like the who. Com did for everyone to enjoy we after all are all Madonna fans. But to pick a certain group of people who paid over10 years ago and say no more legacy members, is kinda not right we’re all Madonna fans. We should get treated equally. And to let fancy credit card holders get pre sale before real members of her fan club is a real shame. So you see there is nothing to offer classic members. Cuz gold, and legacy have all the perks. You would think after what 10 years they would make an exception. But no, they should change what it says when new people sign up to blogs, and 10% discount there’s your perks for joining Madonna.com a little more effort could be made I think.  

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