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So what are the benefits of joining icon?  I use the 10% discount a lot.  But other than that what do you get?  And I’ve emailed icon support and they just don’t care.  It’s such a shame, because I’m reading on Reddit and here,  and other places , that  so many , so many  Madonna fans  aren’t getting the pre sale that they should get for joining icon and being a loyal fan. But no classic or gold members which I have no idea what is the difference is between the two.  I know  the gold  is from mdna  and rebel heart live passes I think.  Which I don’t think you can use  anymore ,  But gold can access a part of the site. Other than that what?  What do you get for joining?  I don’t get it I almost never get emails from icon.  I just think a lot more effort could be made on icons part.  I originally joined in 2007 and you got for a fee  a lithograph , a membership card and  better benefits the magazine it was was great. Now  just I feel like  after  spending a lot on the celebration tour which I can’t wait,  to go see her in Boston Along with a lot of other Madonna  fans ,  I don’t know .  Madonnas fan club icon should  really step it up like alot. Time for a change.  2007 and all these years later  I’m the lowest membership level. Like one day. O we aren’t going to  upgrade anybody’s membership, level just because.  Obviously  a bunch of fans want it.   It doesn’t make sense.  I think it’s because icon doesn’t want Madonna fans to access  the presale. The less the better.  All the other Madonna fans  are just on their own. Let’s just help the legacy members.   And ignore everyone else.  I don’t know who is in charge of  madonnas site fan club icon but it’s not good , I hear so much from fans that icon went way downhill. What a waste shame. At least try for madonnas loyal great fans. One of which I am.  

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Upgrade my membership

I would love to upgrade my membership to either legacy,  or even gold level.  I would be so excited.  And great full.  But I'm only Classic.  I originally joined in 2007 with my paid membership and my membership card, lithograph and madonna loves iconers shirt that I still have. When the Live Pass program came I had a different email associated with this account and I had no computer. I didn't even know. Otherwise I would have done it in a heartbeat.  Same with the onetime payment to be a perman


lemons in New registrations

New registrations

It would be nice if icon would open up registrations, even for a few days and let everyone know.  And those that want to upgrade their icon accounts will.  Even to gold level. Because it’s been such a long time since they stopped taking new  paid members. And I talk to so many huge Madonna fans, I’m sure they would love it. And those that don’t care won’t upgrade. I personally don’t care about the presale, but just to be a paid member would be nice. And to access some more of the community  woul


What are the benefits of joining icon? Because as most of Madonna fans already well know  besides the 10% discount, which I use alot, . if you really think about it  there’s not a hole lot to offer.  You can’t upgrade your account, there’s absolutely no presale  available to you which is lame,  I signed up for the newsletter which you automatically become a part of,  which I almost never hear from icon.  Iv never never have been invited  to a fan event , or been able to participate in a contest,


lemons in Icons lame bs benefits

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