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It would be nice if icon would open up registrations, even for a few days and let everyone know.  And those that want to upgrade their icon accounts will.  Even to gold level. Because it’s been such a long time since they stopped taking new  paid members. And I talk to so many huge Madonna fans, I’m sure they would love it. And those that don’t care won’t upgrade. I personally don’t care about the presale, but just to be a paid member would be nice. And to access some more of the community  would be nice too.  I love icon but not the way they do things. I feel like so many fans are getting left out and they are.  Everyone just paid a lot for tickets, idk  just a thought.


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You are right about feeling like so many fans are getting left out and they are, and I'm not talking just about ticket pre-sales, which I also don't care about, I already have my tickets, but... for example, I bought the Finally Enough Love vinyl box set through Madonna official store and they never sent it, just returned my money saying I did not claim the package, a total lie, since my cousin works for the postal office and he did an investigation regarding that, and the package never left US. So I ended up with no BOXSET, fortunately the Pride edition came out and I get my copy, but NOT through Madonna's official store, site where I never buy again by the way, since it is not the first time they do so. 

I have been a paid member since 1992. Now you can imagine how I feel about all this... Way left out.

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😂 I still have my official physical membership card. What more LEGACY can there be than that. I wonder how many fans have that silver card with their name and member number... Now I'm just a classic member 😂😂😂😂 in other words, third class member...

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