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Upgrade my membership



I would love to upgrade my membership to either legacy,  or even gold level.  I would be so excited.  And great full.  But I'm only Classic.  I originally joined in 2007 with my paid membership and my membership card, lithograph and madonna loves iconers shirt that I still have. When the Live Pass program came I had a different email associated with this account and I had no computer. I didn't even know. Otherwise I would have done it in a heartbeat.  Same with the onetime payment to be a permanent legacy member. I had no idea.  Right now I can't even access any forms.  No presale,  and the staff won't even help me when I send them a message.  Idk kinda sucks. Alot of big madonna fans are only Classic members stuck there. With no benefits. Except the 10% discount which I always use. That's about it I tried contacting Johann but I have gotten absolutely no response back nothing.  It's frustrating being a huge madonna fan and I love icon to. I just wish I had a higher membership.  But I'm excited for the celebration tour in Boston!  I have the where's the party vip package for the first night, and the you can dance vip for the second night can't wait. But it's funny they both have the exact same beliefs but one is way more pricey than the other. I missed madamex tour bc she canceled all nights in Boston. And she already played In  New York. So couldn't go. But icon was like if you can make it to Philadelphia! Ya just go to Philadelphia, no problem. I'm not rich. Sorry I was so disappointed. And ticketmaster didn't refund me for one of my tickets. It sucked. Whoever is reading this if anyone is reading this, I need to get back to work by for now.


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Hi how are you doing? I read your comment and I agree with what you say. I want to increase my membership and I can't either. I am from Brazil, here there are already strong rumors in different media outlets that Madonna could disembark with her world tour between January and February 2024, therefore, if this rumor is true, I would like to have the possibility [that other legacy members had] of to be able to have access to the presale, but I have no way to increase my membership and it seems unfair not to access it. I send you a greeting from Brazil.
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I was paid member since 1992 when it was ICON, when they used to send the ICON magazine and was manage by MARCIA K DEL VECCHIO. So if I don't have a LEGACY membership I don't think anyone can. So sad indeed. 

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