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  1. The brothers' relationship is shaken for more than three years since he decided to write the book "Life With My Sister Madonna," which revealed secrets of the greatest pop star, but Christopher Ciccone always comes back to give some two cents and appear in media. He recently gave a brief interview with Radar Online site and says he thinks that Madonna scary dating boys much younger than her. Dated Madonna and baby Jesus Light now dating Zaibat Brahim, both 24 years. "If she keeps dating these young guys is going to be scary. But I think a lot of Madonna's emotional needs are met by caring for their children. These lovers should even be a kind of distraction for her. Surely she is not following the social values, but she never did and probably never will, "said Christopher. Besides his sister, obviously he was cut from having relations with children from Madonna, but Christopher still dream one day to have a chance to have contact with them. "Lola has turned very well and I'm sure the mother is very proud of her. I hope I have the same relationship to the children of the Madonna as I have with the children of our sister Melanie. " He has also started a company to assist artists, "Ciccone The Factory" , and hopes to teach aspiring to stardom as achieving success also earned by Madonna. Ironically, when he sees artists like Lady Gaga , he remembers when he worked with her sister to elaborate choreography and performances. "I can see much of the influence of my sister in that Lady Gaga is today. I think Lady Gaga a good songwriter, singer and performer but sometimes she goes too far with its visual and attitudes and this can be difficult for some fans to identify themselves. " "Madonna was a genius at changing her image into something that fans could identify themselves and if they wanted to replicate. That's something I'm trying to teach as a mentor to aspiring artists. "
  2. I was in the Golden Triangle on November 25, 2012 in Mexico City ♥ :'3 THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE :D

  3. 3 days #MDNAWorldTour México City ❤ :'D

  4. ivet_fan_madonna

    Vote:Queen of Pop - Keep Voting!

    German-Franco culture TV channel ARTE are asking fans to vote for who they think is the ultimate Queen of Pop! Fans have a choice to vote for a singer from each decade - Madonna can be found in the 80's. Madonna is currently in second place to Nena (about 2000 votes behind) so please keep voting until the poll closes on Sunday 30 January evening. At the end of the vote the channel will show 10 documentaries of 10 winners - and then they will have a big show at the end where you can vote for the ulimate winner. Visit queensofpop.arte.tv to vote for Madonna (in the 1980's). (Just copy and paste this link and vote for the only queen that is MADONNA) Actually this seems silly, we all know and they know that Madonna is the only queen! like to make a stupid vote ", but knows that guys have to vote to shut his mouth and l know that there is only one queen and that Madonna reigns is iconers vote!
  5. jaja ahora me siento como una tonta xD y si igual espero lo mismo, por cierto excelentes tus fotos :)

  6. and of course be wonderful that we become good friends :D

    sorry my English is not very good xD

  7. I am the state of Mexico, I have 17 years and makes just a year ago I began my great love for Madonna from the moment you hear gun. I loved all your music and I started researching it, spend time with form I realized that would be part of my life. I've never been to a concert but I would love it too and I love to collect things about her, like any Madder:)

  8. Hello! nice to meet you, i love your biography about Madonna are a great example to follow, very beautiful words ... thousand respects I am your fan :D

  9. Sinto saudades de você meu amor Eu não posso viver sem você

  10. Hola!! Tavo que tal?? yo soy de la Ciudad de México & tu?? :)

  11. Hola!! Tavo que tal?? yo soy de la Ciudad de México & tu?? :)

  12. Jeje Hola! Pollo :P que bueno q ya andes x acá aunq ya no este interesante jaja saludos brothersito :)

  13. Hi!! thanks for adding me, have a nice day,Kisses :)

  14. Hola!! hermanitoooo

    :) tkmmmm

  15. Of nothing....nice to meet you :)

  16. Si es genial aunq ashh! unos luego son creídos porq presumen ser mas fans pero bueno jeje,oye tienes facebook?? para agregarte bueno si quieres ;)

  17. Pues con el fin de conocer a mas Iconers,saber como se hicieron fans,conocer cuales son sus fotos favoritas,sus opiniones,ver noticias nuevas d MADONNA,ver sus films,musica,etc,etc...Antes se podian publicar videos,blogs,podias decorar tu perfil así como el Hi5 pero ahora no =/

  18. Aww hola!! si ya veo que eres nueva a mi me hubiera gustado cuando entre tener alguien q me ayudara pero no habia nadie jeje & ps q duda tienes?? aki ya no se pued hacer mucho como antes =( quitaron todo lo bueno segun para mejorarlo,pero para lo q necsites no dudes en preguntarlo ;) Saludooos!!

  19. Welcome to our MADONNA family :)

  20. Hola! cute child ya tenia mucho que no pasaba por aquí, espero te este llendo muy bien...kiero q recuerdes q siempre tendras una amiga en kien confiar tkmm gracias x tu amistad =) que tengas una excelente semana..bye bye kisses

  21. mmm que aburrido se a vuelto esto!! quiero el ICON de antes =(

  22. Hola!! amigo no te preocupes,ando igual que tu además de que Icon ya se a vuelto aburrido =( ya no hay muchas cosas que hacer pero en fin.Igual espero que tengas una excelente semana sabes que se te kiere =)

    Bueno my friend nos seguimos escribiendo Byeeee..Muakk!!