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  1. Hi dear friend!

    thanks for your wishes! how are you??

    Miss you here in icon! have some news??

    how was your MDNA experience?? good or bad? I'm so desperate and counting the days to see her for first time!!

    28 days!! so excited

    wish you a wonderful week!!

  2. Hey Jonathan have a great weekend :)

  3. Igual tu,que onda eres de México DF?

  4. Bien Gracias :D

    Que tengas buen día

  5. Que onda como estas?

  6. Hey!!! I'm here!! :) I miss you too!! ♥ How are you doing my love? A BIG kiss!

  7. Hi OK Madonna is on tomorrow :)

  8. hola , que tenga un lindo dia

  9. Hi!!!

    No me olvido de ti, casi no he usado la compu, he tenido muchas cosas y algunos problemas q resolver.


  10. Hi, my dear friend.

    Masterpiece, Girl Gone Wild ,I think.

    In weekend, I will watch TV.

    Have a nice weekend.

  11. allright :) Its Madonna time at the 7th of July :)))))))))))))))))))

  12. Hello Jonathan!!! I'm great thanks! :) How about you? I miss you too! Have a wonderful weekend! Lots of kisses and hugs from Debby ♥

  13. Hello Gena!

    I' so happy that you Won another Golden Triangle Ticket!

    You Deserve It!

    Take Care and Enjoy your Barcelona Shows



  14. Ciao Debby!!

    Come Stai??

    I Miss You my friend!

    Take Care and Write me :)



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