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  1. Hi dear friend!

    thanks for your wishes! how are you??

    Miss you here in icon! have some news??

    how was your MDNA experience?? good or bad? I'm so desperate and counting the days to see her for first time!!

    28 days!! so excited

    wish you a wonderful week!!

  2. stopping by to say hello-hope you have been just wonderful-have a nice weekend !!! Dave

  3. Nice boy

    five ★

    xoxo ;)

  4. Hi Arno how are you??

    Have A Wonderful Weekend :)

  5. Thank´s if fun to play with pictures and photoshop and I am glad you like my art work

    Happy Sunday

  6. Hey Iconarno, thank´s for adding me has a friend, and I hope you are having a great weekend and soon hear from you

  7. thank you iconarno :D your pictres are always great too, I love them ;)

  8. thank you iconarno :D your pictres are always great too, I love them ;)

  9. Amsterdam sounds amazing! last week I bought mine Mexico City, November 24th I'm so excited cause is my first M show and also my first concert in Mexico City... the latest concerts were in my city & local artist... this tour is HUGE!!

    Are you ready??


  10. Hi!!!

    Ready for the tour??

    Yeah the album is like a drug... I Listen for hours...

    it's amazing!

    How are you??

    I'm so desperate waiting for the Latin American dates! *fingers crossed*

    Wish me luck ;)


  11. Yep, gemakkelijk bereikbaar, aan de Heizel en het Atomium in Brussel en veel parking. Jij naar Amsterdam? :-)

  12. It's true buddy ! I mean the song GMAYL isn't that powerful yet the video went NO.1 and so did MDNA.

    God this is amazing, I just hope this won't be a bubble that will flop so suddenly in a few days / weeks.


    can u believe that MDNA is now NO1 on iTunes ?!??!?!

  14. HEYYYYY I'm a HUGE Apple fan ! xD and glad to know u are too xD

    I've been ok what about u ?!