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  1. See the research on www.clickliverpool.com A great compliment to Madonna! I think this is the same when done in Europe or the US. The top ten celebs of the decade according to the number of mentions in the UK national press are: Madonna - 46,017 Simon Cowell - 29,888 Robbie Williams - 28,563 Kate Moss - 28,056 Britney Spears - 27,588 Victoria Beckham - 25,833 David Beckham (excluding sports pages) - 24,953 Michael Jackson - 24,688 Sir Paul McCartney - 21,556 Kylie Minogue - 19,694
  2. iconarno

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to Maddona and Iconers!
  3. Who's the Queen of POP? MADONNA!
  4. iconarno

    Icon Gift 2008

    This was the gift from 2008. You can ware it if you have really small fingers. But I was not planning to LOL
  5. iconarno

    Icon Gift 2010

    On the Madonna site " October 28, 2010 Icon 2010 Gift Update Iconers, we will soon announce this year’s gift, which will be mailed to Platinum members only. We are not going to get into details yet, but be prepared as we are working on a very special and cool Madonna branded gift... Stay tuned for more related info!" I am curious!
  6. Madonna in Macy's for the Material Girl
  7. Madonna in Macy's advertorial. Lucky for those who got a ticket (and live in the US) hope Madonna will do this in Holland some time
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