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  2. HI THERE-just stopping by to give you a xoxoxox have fun-dave

  3. hello there-everybody likes your new video-strike a pose there's nothing to it-bye bye baby : )

  4. Glad I met u in Vienna!

    1. luisrodrigues


      :) Thanks with more than one year of delay
  5. Hi! It was fun to meet you in Amsterdam. We had a great time! Hope you did to!

    1. luisrodrigues


      :) Thanks with more than one year of delay
  6. Hello! Do you ant to be part of my version for Miles Away?

  7. I give you lots of kudos for all you do. I on the other hand don't have the courage to do it. Great job!!!

  8. i am unable to make a video right now-but thanks for asking :)

  9. Hey thanks for the add and your vids!

    5 stars for you!

    James xoxo

  10. Can you sell just one ticket? It is for a friend who lives in London.

  11. How did you get that link? I can see it but I have already bought ticket + for the saturday and now I want to enjoy the concert sitting and I will gonna stays action 11 row 3. And you? Are you from Amsterdam? nice to meet you by the way. my name is Fabio.

  12. M.D.N.A.

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    2. luisrodrigues


      Hi La Isla Maria I will finish the campaign end of the month...don't know if I will have time to make Hollywood but I accept your ball in case I will make it :)

    3. LaIslaMaria


      wishing you a very happy thursday !!!!

    4. luisrodrigues