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  1. I´m waiting for new Madonna era, will be amazing

  2. I´m ready for the new Madonna

  3. I need my MDNA SKIN kit

  4. I wanna dance with MADONNA yeah

  5. I´m STILL waiting my oficial erotica necklase

  6. I´m waiting my oficial erotica nakles

  7. I wanna dance with my Baby, musica makes the people come together

  8. dancing with my rebel heart tour blu ray, yeah!

  9. finally! I have my rebel herat tour blu ray, yeah!!!

  10. I wanna dance with Madonna, yeah deeper and deeper

  11. I have my DVD rebel heart tour copy, yeah i´m happy

  12. Rebel heart tour DVD blu ray coming soon woooww

  13. I can´t wait for Rebel Heart Tour DVD

  14. I´m crazy for Madonna, love U

  15. Happy 2017 to everybody