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  1. I was going to try to write a long, profound blog about my life and Madonna today...and then for some reason it all went out of my head! I think it's because I was going to put so much effort into making it as detailed as possible so that I could really communicate how I feel about her music and how it impact my life, and then I realized something. I was driving through the historical district in town today, admiring the old houses and thinking about how awesome it would be to live in one of them and play Jane Austen, and I was (of course) blasting some Mo on my stereo. Erotica was the CD of choice at the moment. So it hit me; love is simple. Why do I need to try to make some sort of intensely thorough statement, when what I'm feeling is the most simple yet complex emotion in the world? It's just love. That's it. I'm in a pretty great place right now!
  2. HELLO OTHER MADONNA FANS!! I'm so excited about this. Um...well, let me start with the basics, I suppose. I'm Emily. I get called Lulu a lot. Or Lu. Or E-lu. Or Emilu. Take your pick! I love nicknames, they're fun. Anyway! I'm a student right now, hoping to major in French. If all goes well, that'll work out and I'll be a very happy camper. What else to say? I'm interested in all different kinds of art, and ummm...I've also been a Madonna fan since I was around 5-6 years old! Very fun. I joined Icon because I've always thought that it would be really cool. I'm kind of tired of not having any friends who listen to/like Madonna. Makes it hard when you want to have one of those really nerdy moments where you talk about her a lot, or watch a few of her movies, or want to dance around to her music with wild abandon! I don't get to do this with other people. How sad is that? Of course, I suppose that technically I can't do that online either, but at least I can meet other people with similar interests! Or...similar interest? Singular? I don't know. Sorry that this first blog entry is kind of lame. I promise I'll write more interesting things after this. I'm never good with introductions, and I'm kind of shy, too! But if you ask me stuff it's a lot easier. Bye!
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