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Pretty Simple Today



I was going to try to write a long, profound blog about my life and Madonna today...and then for some reason it all went out of my head! I think it's because I was going to put so much effort into making it as detailed as possible so that I could really communicate how I feel about her music and how it impact my life, and then I realized something.

I was driving through the historical district in town today, admiring the old houses and thinking about how awesome it would be to live in one of them and play Jane Austen, and I was (of course) blasting some Mo on my stereo. Erotica was the CD of choice at the moment. So it hit me; love is simple. Why do I need to try to make some sort of intensely thorough statement, when what I'm feeling is the most simple yet complex emotion in the world? It's just love.

That's it.

I'm in a pretty great place right now!



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