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Why Hello!





I'm so excited about this. Um...well, let me start with the basics, I suppose. I'm Emily. I get called Lulu a lot. Or Lu. Or E-lu. Or Emilu. Take your pick! I love nicknames, they're fun.

Anyway! I'm a student right now, hoping to major in French. If all goes well, that'll work out and I'll be a very happy camper. What else to say? I'm interested in all different kinds of art, and ummm...I've also been a Madonna fan since I was around 5-6 years old! Very fun.

I joined Icon because I've always thought that it would be really cool. I'm kind of tired of not having any friends who listen to/like Madonna. Makes it hard when you want to have one of those really nerdy moments where you talk about her a lot, or watch a few of her movies, or want to dance around to her music with wild abandon! I don't get to do this with other people. How sad is that? Of course, I suppose that technically I can't do that online either, but at least I can meet other people with similar interests! Or...similar interest? Singular? I don't know.


Sorry that this first blog entry is kind of lame. I promise I'll write more interesting things after this. I'm never good with introductions, and I'm kind of shy, too! But if you ask me stuff it's a lot easier.


Bye! :)


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