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  1. Hi there! Hope you're enjoying the shows! I went to Paris, London and going to Birmingham too. Hope you're keeping well. are u on facebook too? Ed

  2. Congrats on your GT tickets! Have a great time at the NIA. I too am going with my sister- may see you there! Ed

  3. Hi there, yes i'm going to Birmingham too. Did you get lucky with the triangle there? may see u lol

  4. Hi there, hope you're well. Enjoy the Paris show, i'm planning on going also. Not getting my hopes too high about the triangle though! Edward

  5. Dallas will be good! I'm a fan of that tv show too lol

  6. hey! dallas :) have a good day!!!

  7. Hi there, nice to meet another Iconer! What shows will you be going to? Ed, uk

  8. Hi Johann, thanks for the message. Hope you are well. What M concerts are you going to? Have a good week. Ed

  9. I'm ok thanks, i'm in the middle of booking a hotel for the Paris gig. Not sure whether to go or not, as i already have a ticket for London. It should be a good atmosphere though. Are you planning on going to see the show this year? Ed

  10. Hello, Ed! I'm doing great, and you? Nice to meet you too =D

  11. Hi there! nice to meet you. best wishes from Ed in England

  12. Hi there! Noticed you saw Blonde Ambition! I would have loved to have seen that one. My sister saw it but i could not go at the time. best wishes from Edward

  13. Hi there, hope you're well. Greetings from England. What shows are u going to this summer? I've got tickets for Hyde Park, Birmingham and Stade de France. Ed

  14. Hi Robert, glad you got tickets for those shows. I'm in between jobs at the moment, but luckily was working when the tickets were announced. best wishes. ps are u on facebook?

  15. Hi there! hope you're well. Nice to meet you. Ed