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  1. It's a weird kind of energy, a bizarre thing that happened to be, an abnormal fraternity, and I feel more than sympathy.

  2. Hi this is RINOTHEBOUNCER, I'm a huge Madonna fan since I was 10, I've got all her albums in different version, I also I'm a Limited Editions collector of Madonna items and also for my favorite games like Silent Hill, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil ...etc. Madonna always been some kind of idol to Me and what makes me different from other fans is that I consider Madonna the same way Mr.Steven Klein did, a messenger that wants to make a change, as a soul and brain rather then a body and a sex symbol. I've always tried to walk on her footsteps yet avoiding plagiarism and blind imitation, I started making videos with my previous Sony DV HandyCam yet later I got a SONY HD HandyCam which made Me videos look clearer and gave me the boost to work even harder on them. most of my friends wonder why I study Pharmacy while I'm a video expert ? I say : "Pharmacy for Money, Visual Arts for Fun and more money in the future". I just wanted to share this story of mine, hopefully Madonna might read it one day and hope she knows that there's a little different being who lives on some coordinates and He likes her so much cuz she's an Idol to him, a great superstar and a lookalike of his beloved mother. If you're interested in my videos go to : www.rinothebouncer.com www.youtube.com/rinothebouncer Best Regards, RENO.
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