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  1. So I took the road less travelled by and I barely made it out alive, through the darkness somehow I survived.

  2. Sometimes, it’s easier to show your ass than show your feelings. Tonight, I’m gonna try to do both.

  3. Day turns into night. I won’t give up the fight. Don't want to get to the end of my days, saying I wasn't amazed.

  4. Day turns into night. I wont give up the fight. Don't want to get to the end of my days, saying I wasn't amazed.

  5. Ooh la la, you’re my superstar. ooh la la, love the way that you are.

  6. I want you to take me like you took my money, take me in your arms until your last breath. I want you to hold me like you hold my money, hold onto me till there's nothing left.

  7. <-------- Madonna held this guy's hand! He must be her lucky star.

  8. I want you to hold me like you hold my money. Hold on to me till there's nothing left.

  9. When I let lose the need to know, then we're both free, free to go.

  10. The MDNA Tour was definitely the best show on Earth. She definitely surpassed The Blonde Ambition Tour and every other tour with it's creative brilliance.

  11. Hey Rino, I went to the two shows at St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center. The first night (11/03) right next to the stage in the Golden Triangle standing next to an Iconer Marta. The next night 3/4 into the house right side Section 105 with two friends. What a glorious experience both nighs. Been on a eurphorical Madonna high ever since! I'll post some pix and post on my profile my full review of both nights. Here's hoping you are well my cool and sexy Icon buddy!

  12. On June 7th, 2012 Madonna held my hand at The MDNA Tour because she thought I was afraid to look in her eyes and I looked a little sad and she wondered why

  13. Beautiful Killer is much better than Vogue, Like A Prayer, Music, Hung Up, Like A Virgin and Express Yourself!

  14. Rino- perhaps it wasnt you in which case the person must really be wondering what I was talking about or do you have a fan page? In eother case what is the url for your Facebook? email me at ultrabri@me.com xoxo

  15. Hey brotha from anotha motha :P I don't see anything on my profile. How can you even write on my profile if you didn't friend me yet? guide me :P