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  1. To quote Madonna "Life is short to be bitter. And i'm too short to be bitter!" :D

  2. Madonna is 58 and is still a hot MILF! #JustSayin ;)

  3. Loving everyone's updates and photos and videos even those who got to speak to her! I would DIEEEEEE!! I am living through all you guys!! :)

  4. Madonna turned 57 this year and still looks like a hot godess and rules the world and the stage!! <3

  5. Just shine your light like a beautiful star�♡

  6. Show the world who you are

  7. Fingers crossed today goes well with presales! I have my heart set on Chicago and beautiful New York

  8. Ticket Stressssss! here's hoping Monday will be better and I can hopefully still go! I don't even care if I have to see her far away! i'll bring my binoculars! :)

  9. It's like Everybody in this party shining like Illuminati! <3 ✨

  10. Took me to heaven and let me fall down now that it's over i'm gonna carry on Lifted me up and let me stumble after the heartache I'm gonna carry on. Living for love Living for love not giving up I'm gonna carry on Living for love I'm living for love not gonna stop your loves gonna lift me up. Love, lift me up. <3 #LivingforMadonna

  11. Happy Rebel Heart Year!! <3