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  2. Thanks for the add!!! You have a fantastic day!!!

    oxox Julius

  3. Thanks for the add!!!You have a fantastic day!!

    oxox Julius

  4. Just waiting for the new era to commence!

  5. It's time to go crazy on Madonna's birthday. Turn up the volume on my mix 3 of Madonna's clubremixes. www.soundcloud.com/dj-jerry-w

  6. Hi there! nice to meet you. thanks for the add on. best wishes from Ed

  7. Thanks for adding me.......5 Stars!

  8. I am really excited about the new GH package CD/DVD and the new singles. The cover has been creating quite a bit a buzz. I like it because it looks like Madonna's last FU to Warner. The beauty is in the rude and horrid grimmance on her face. I will enjoy playing it in my car, eventhough I have all the singles and albums. Speaking of which, I had the best Madonna weekend. I found Madonna, Like A Virgin, and True Blue on vinyl! They were all in very good condition. I have been looking for them for at least 8 years now. I have to break out my parents old turntable and listen to M in the best way possible, 80s style! Hope your summer/winter is goind swimmly, peace love and light.
  9. Just been listening to American Life, and remembering why I love it so much. I don't want to open the great debate again but I have come to truly love this album. I have driving my spouse crazy the last 6 years playing the damn album over and over again. It is the one album that I keep coming back to, and that makes it my classic.
  10. The growning pains of the new board are amusing. I am still not really sure what to think about it all. I am more exciting about the new single and GH package coming out later this year. I have been addicted to the sky1 broadcast of S&S 08. The clips have hit Youtube and even the video section here. We had 2.5 days of Sun and a massive ridge of T-storms roll through at the moment.
  11. Well as for the rest of you I am still getting aquainted with the new format. I am saving my judgement for it until later. I don't want to make a snap decision about something until I've had some time with it. (I still don't know if I like "voices" or not)! Any way I hope that we have many more fun and trying times on the site. peace Iconers!
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