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  1. I got tickets for Vegas and LA!!!

  2. Rebel Heart Tour can't wait!!!

  3. It's great to be back!!!

  4. Super excited for MDNA blu-ray...

  5. I want more MDNA!!!

  6. Hello my dear friend!!!

  7. Hi Sean!!! How are you my friend?

  8. Hello Sean!!! Haven't said hi to you for a long time:( Naughty me....Hope all is well for you my friend...

  9. Going through MDNA withdrawals :(

  10. LA was an amazing experience. What happened to me last night made MDNA Tour the best Madonna concert experience of my life!!!

    1. misterseatac


      Yes, I agree with you, her best concert for sure!

    2. jbv002


      When her crew introduced themselve to us us, I already knew what was going to happen. I almost passed out!!! hehehe

  11. hope I win GT tickets for LA!!!

  12. Seattle was awesome!!! Next up LA Oct 11th!!!

  13. Hi, Julius! Have a great weekend! <3

  14. Hi, Julius! Have a great weekend! <3