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    Madonna, pop music, Motown, tennis, discovering psyops. Long Live The Pennsylvania Railroad Broadway Limited.

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  1. Wondering when Madonna will be back in Seattle

    1. Virjo_Fer


      Hello fellow M fan!

      Thought I could say hi as we live in the same city!

      Have a good day!

    2. vashtidmsr


      Hi Dave

      Mariam and I Michelle Basart will be going up to Seattle October 10th and heading up to Vancouver BC on the 13th. We will be staying at a motel near the southcenter mall and at the Empire Landmark hotel downtown Vancouver BC. Let me know if you are going to the Vancouver show. Hope to see if there are any Madonna fan meetups or parties. Give me a call on my new cell when you get time. Hope u been doing ok. Been so busy since MDNA. Thanks, Michelle Basart #503-901-6270

  2. Not to worry, Madonna knows you meant her no harm

    1. angel62003


      congratulations you won the Valentines giveaway, please send me your mailing address so I can get your prize in the mail.

  3. trying to figure out why I can't access the forums

  4. trying to figure out why I can't access the forums

    1. Virjo_Fer


      Hi Dave! I can not send u messages. U need to get rid of ur old messages... Have a good week. Ask me anything if you need help.

      Johann :)

    2. Madonnaloverforever


      email me at madonna2009@q.com

    3. Madonnaloverforever


      email me at madonna2009@q.com

  5. In the evening I sometimes chat at Magnachat in the Positively 4th Street room. Some nights are better than others.

  6. I too have have lost my friends and now have some I never heard of. *rolls eyes* Also, the pictures I saved as favorites are not here.

    Can that be fixed? I was also able to read and post to the boards, discovered I can't do that anymore.

    I don't see how this new module is a good thing, just sayin.

  7. misterseatac

    If it's not broke, don't fix it

    I lost all my favorite photos, I had about 30 of them saved. How do I ever find them again? There are hundreds of them to go through. And I lost my friends, and have all new ones now *BOL*
  8. If it's not broke, don't fix it. This new module does not have the feature to save an image to favorites. I lost all my saved favorties this new software doesn't have that feature. Basically this one sucks

  9. misterseatac

    Why Fix It If It Ain't Broke

    the old system had a feature that allowed you to save your favorite images, then with a couple of clicks you could see them all. Now nothing! How is this a better program? With the old one I could read and post to the boards, can't with this one. This new one sucks!
  10. misterseatac

    NOT Happy at all !!

    This is bad, I lost my fav images. How is this better?