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Celebration Tour



So l just read the news about the new dates scheduled. I'm a little confused about what is going on now. It's making my head hurt, so dates are rescheduled and they are gonna refund the ticket and then I have the opportunity to purchase it again. Huh? I'm sorry but ticketmaster and the links or whatever they are going to be giving out just sounds like it's gonna be a shitshow, it's a known fact that ticketmaster and all the secure, verified codes always have a problem. So even if we already had a ticket it's getting refunded and we have have to do it again. And ticketmaster is going to 'make sure we will get a seat that will be like what our previous ticket was. This is some bullshit, When I got that ticket, ticketmaster was having issues. It would only let me purchase one ticket and then it said you had the option to pay later, but that didn't work. So I don't know about this. I saw some people on IG were not happy with what was going on. I was thinking, the tickets were being honored but this getting refunded and then having a 'chance' to purchase a ticket again. 

Personally with this news, I think Madonna should cancel this tour and focus on her health. I think it's too soon for her to go on a world tour when she was in the hospital in June. She needs to focus on her healing and when she's had rest she should come with a whole new set of dates. I think it would be best to start fresh. So everything will be fresh.


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