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Well it has been a pain in the ass but, I've gotten almost all of my songs synced with the lyrics. There are a couple that still need to be done. I've also started to upload my music myself without having my producer having to do it. I've learned that when you are dealing with music that wave files are the best audio. I thought it was an mp3 file but I was wrong. However, something that i don't understand is there is a music site that is on the spotify for artist page that tells you what you need to do to edit your lyrics and have them all with your music. The site is musixmatch, besides it being pretty frustrating. To sync your music they tell you that it needs to be from the same file that was used in uploading the song. I had most of them uploaded but some of them are able to sync without having a premium spotify account, So with those ones I had to upload the audio file, When I uploaded the wave file, I was given an error message saying that the file was too big and to use another file, wtf? so then I used the mp3 file and it let me do that. So how is it that when I am trying to sync my music, the website can't handle the larger and better file, then it would truly of been synced. But apparently for this musicmatch site syncing with the same file like you would think would be correct isn't possible, I'm not an expert in sound and technology but this just doesn't make sense. When my profile was verified I was up all night doing it and then I needed a break and i had such i migraine after it and then i had to redo what i did. This happened over and over again, and to make it even more confusing, each time you would go to a song it would have a popup that said a draft was saved and if I wanted to open it. That popup came on twice each time and I was so confused and Id be editing one that I had already done, and but it reverted back to the way before. That is just the editing lyrics and credits. The syncing the music was a whole other pain in the ass. But i've been determined to get my lyrics correct and the credits correct. 


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