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New Year New Me



So It's a new year and it doesn't really feel like a new me. On New Years Eve, my 5th EP Unhappy was released. I finished the project. It was quite an experience. The Happy Hokey EP and Unhappy EP were considered albums. They both had more than 5 songs on them and I think that has something to do with it. There were about 4 new songs that were added to Unhappy but they weren't technically added to Unhappy, There is gonna be a 6th EP. It will most likely be like the epilogue to the story. I also want to release the sad demos of Friends and Love Is. Both of these alternate versions have added lines that weren't used in the other versions and it gives them this really sad truth that the album versions don't have. The sad demo of Love Is, is sang in a way that flows in a more emotional sound, also I recorded it after having some kind of crying episode so it's very raw, it's beautifully sad. It's pretty deep and the 'yes dad' sounds sad yet sweet.


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