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I should be happy and excited about Hot Dogs coming out on Sunday it's the first time I will be putting out a song my own song that I wrote by myself and the piano is myself also but right now I just am really sad and in a deep depression again and I hate it I hate feeling so lonely and going on these f****** apps just make you realize that you are completely alone and no one cares and just being on that thing just makes that even more in your face so going on f****** Grindr because you're feeling sad and lonely it's going to make you feel even sadder and even lonelier and I can't take it anymore I really am sick of it so I am coming on and writing a Blog about hot dogs because I'm feeling really sad and if I don't think of something else or do something else I didn't get even sadder and I don't feel like f****** crying in bed against it's just too much I just going to put on Here's Lucy and hopefully not have any nightmares was last night and the night before I've had really awful nightmares the one today I woke up in a likes Panic State all sweaty and and just scared and I hate having these night terrors state I hadn't had one in a few months I haven't had any but just the last weaker so bad dreams and bad dreams and bad dreams and I hate it so I'm trying to take some bong rips and relax my mind but I've said it before getting stoned by myself now isn't fun anymore either it's just lonely and being alone is is tough it's very tough and difficult for me these days I have to sneeze I just sneezed I'm using the text microphone so I don't have to be using the keypad so there might be some errors somewhat but errors but I really don't care I don't even know I'd I just and really tired of it so let me talk about hot dogs instead it's going to be available on all platforms and I am will be known as Sonic pressure the artist and independent artist but my song will be available this Sunday February 6th at 6 a.m. and it's a it's exciting but it's like it's exciting for about me and that's it no one else really gives a s*** so that's like kind of sad but I should be used to it because things always turn out bad it's sad but it's true but it would really be great if my song blew up and because it's pretty cool and it sounds cool but if it do you know really gif it turned into a hit and I'm like I became like known for music wouldn't that be interesting cuz I have a whole bunch of s*** that I have written that original s*** it's not this crap like I love you to Infinity that's ridiculous these other songs in this crap of today but I know if I if I knew someone in like the music business here that a big record label giving me exposure than I know it would blow up because there'd be the exposure cuz these other assholes that blow up it's because they're stuck in your face Kanye West he's no one wants to hear his mouth all of it all of his crap is just annoying and if Madonna is ever reading these like the blog that some of the people on here on icon have left then I'm if she wanted a new sound something that no one's ever heard then she she would want to collaborate with me because no one has ever heard anything like me so of that that would be something good.


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