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Fur is not a good look.



I'm really saddened and disappointed seeing the new photos of madonna with fur. I don't give a flying leap if it's inspired by Marilyn Monroe. The comments about Madonna's physical appearance have been beyond cruel. All i could see was madonna with fur and it really made me sad and disappointed it actually hurts my feelings. Now at the lowest and saddest eras in my life and now i see madonna and fur. Madonna has always been there for me and right now it feels like she told me to go ***CENSORED*** myself. Madonna fur is not a good look. I never talk shit on m but promoting madame x with teasers of kim Kardashian asking madonna a question. Hold up madonna. I luv madame x and the negative comments  about how bad it was. Now wtf it looks like madonna just put the final nail in the coffin for the madame x era. Instead of giving justice to madame x and redemption for the album REMEMBER I LOVE MADAME X the album is brilliant  and i never judge madonna. But to prepare the world for the premier for madame x involves Kim Kardashian asking madonna a question. Wow just wow WOW I'm dumbfounded.  I've mentioned ive NEVER EVER SAID A NEGATIVE THING NEVER IN MY LIFE. ill do a polygraph. I always have been a true fan. But Kardashian was on snl last week joking about oj simpson. She joked about taking a stab at it. That joke is so disrespectful to a woman who was murdered and it doesn't help all the people in horrible and deadly relationships.  ANYWAYS, madonna i don't understand and I've never said ANYTHING bad about u but using kim kardashian to promote madame x is not positive, it's desperate. Kardashian is a fur hag with a sex tape. Not a good look. 


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