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Happy Friday it's already and it's going to be September 11th soon September 11th the tragedy so the other day on Wednesday I was working on my album/EP and at one point I had a mini meltdown but I got it under control but it's pretty cool how my friend/ producer knows all he knows  about music s***  He has this software witn all kinds of music I don't know what it's called but samples of s*** like that you know what I mean but he knows and he gave me homework. Since I've been teaching myself the piano and that I don't play in time and he's said I should get a metronome app well I got a real metronome! Its way better than a electronic shit and you can see it. It's pretty cool and it has helped me with keeping time timing. When I do put out my  album out it's going to be at the top of the charts.31292622_10214024069410121_3863197192965


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