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how can I obtain an access code to buy in the pre-sale tickets for the show in Lisbon? I received presale info for London and Paris, but no for Lisbon....


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3 hours ago, 007bondstarpaul said:

I got an email saying I am on the waiting list the other day & if I move up then I will be contacted. Anyone else had this email?



21 minutes ago, jafluff said:

I got it as well - nothing yet though

Do you make something special to get this email? because I received the one for London and the one for Paris, but none for Lisbon....

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Hello beautiful people. Can anyone share a code with me for the presale on the 29th for Lisbon shows? Please please ? I beg please ? Of how do I become icon member ? Please be so kind to email me jclara10@hotmail.com 


thank you

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Only lifetime members get the code it seems. Classic members don't. I did get a code for London as a verified fan but it doesn't seem to work the same way for Lisbon unfortunately. 

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