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Is this the reason why after being an icon member since 2004 I have my status reset to ‘newbie’?  

Frustrating as now, whenever pré-salé comes again, my chances are diminished.  

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Status Symbols: B.reak M.y W.indows, Paul Smith (Covent Garden Freebies), Free Cocaine with a music Mgmt rider 10 years later, the MTV logo with no 24/7 non stop videos, 3D glasses and very few good movies being made, American Express with the house already sold and left the country, Diesel, Ed Hardy (love slowly kills) and Quicksilver 3 for 10 dollars (Bangkok), A generation of rave mix tapes that weren't as good as the drugs, Next years Addidas from LAOS (retail 200 dollars, Thai girlfriend discount = 10 dollars) Silicone tits that feel like basketballs... ReWind...status is a question of PeRCePTION... by a badge tomorrow

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