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Madonna's 58th Birthday



Dear Friends


I haven't posted anything for a long time now so here are the updates.
if you want to learn more about my story visit my previous blogs.
so yesterday was Madonna's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADONNA
you always give me hope and make me strong.


so after all i got accepted to go to Canada and i was so happy about it until i heard that Canada's embassy is more focusing on Syrian refugees than the other ones like ours (LGBT's)
so they told me that we have to wait.
so I've been waiting for a year and a month to get a news from the embassy but still no news (I've been living in Turkey for
months now)
so still waiting.
i Emailed so many supporting organizations and the embassy even the minister but still no answer.
I feel so defeated its like i don't have a voice....
you might think living in Turkey as a gay guy might not be that hard but living in a city in the south like Denizi (we don't have permission to go to big cities like Istanbul), we gotta lie and act here and some are not good actors and they face the consequence.


So wish me luck..


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