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Hold Tight



Holding tight, focusing on the future.....


been waiting 15 months for a call....
been contacting all the authorities and charity organizations for LGBT refugee's
are we forgotten ?
been living in Turkey since April.29.2014
would i do it all over again if i could turn back time?
being a gay refugee in Turkey where nobody respects you .
I ran and i ran from the noise and the silence. that blank look and laughter from people.
i hid my tears hid my fears.
trying to reach the sky with no wings.
picked my self up only to be crumbled down to the ground again.
i tasted the pain tasted my tears i cursed the angels i tasted my fears.


i ran and i ran from Iran, i was looking for freedom.....still running.


miles away from home.
made it through fire
we are going to be alright!
we LGBT's can survive a hurricane
Hold Tight
everything is going to be alright.


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