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I have a tale to tell ....



its me again.
so its been a year and a month that i came to Turkey.
at first i came with little money but then i found a job and made living out of it.
i guess i was one of the lucky few.
if you read my previous post you'll understand that i escaped, for what?
I'm thinking to go to Canada because i think that Canada is a more gay friendly then America
maybe I'm wrong i don't know.
the thing is they will send me wherever i have a relative or a friend or someone i know.
since I was born in Dubai, i cant stand cold weather so that's why I'm thinking to choose Vancouver.
so i have a relative there i asked her to give her contact info so i could stay with her for only couple of weeks like 2 weeks or so, but she said no i don't have an extra room, as shocked i was i also notice she didn't accept me because i was gay, i mean WTF!!! i thought we could count on our family and family comes first no matter what.
but i guess that's normal since my own family don't get me.
so i kinda need to find someone in Vancouver who can just give me a place to stay for at least a week.
i mean i have money and all, but would it kill someone for them to let me or anyone like me to stay with them.
i guess i'm old fashioned.
so if you guys know anyone that's still human and lives in Vancouver let me know.


xoxo Rawmean


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